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Submitted on
July 4, 2008
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The past is behind
But I still feel the ripples
Disrupting my flow.
Yes, another haiku.

Written 2nd July.

For :icondeltabeta:'s contest

(expect a lot of haiku from me over the next little while. I'm not doing haikuwrimo but I just... can't stop writing haiku!)
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Daily Deviation

Given 2008-07-10
In The Past by *almalobana, the images and words are felt so strongly. It is indeed a charming addition to our wonderful Haiku month. ( Featured by LadyLincoln )
VectorNexus Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2013
Beautiful. We are as droplets of water in a larger pool, rippling out, chiming and effecting others.
It's melancholy of those who's ripples aren't large enough that their ebb and flow never reach or collide with anothers.
Jukih Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2012
I really like it, it's very soft
Alura-the-Sage Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Ah, the beauty of haiku! This is a prime example.
misslorsta Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2011
Beautifully said.
almalobana Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2011   Writer
Thank you.
Vysryder000 Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2011
thats really good! it seems we have something in common :D HAIKUS FTW!!!!!
godatesomesatan Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2008
!! I did not know you got a DD. Of course, if anyone's fault, it's mine. All the same. Congratulations
almalobana Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2008   Writer
Thank you :)

it was exciting.
godatesomesatan Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2008
I remember you told me you secretly always hoped for it. That's pretty awesome.
almalobana Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2008   Writer
Yeah I know, thanks :D

Though, y'know, just to be picky... I wish it had been on a piece I liked/was proud of, rather than a haiku. I mean haiku are fun, I just prefer my other work.

But then I'm just picky, aren't I?

Hang on, no... that just means I've got high standards. Or is that the line for when it comes to dating? I can never remember... :lol:
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